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A pension plan is a long-term savings strategy that helps you save for your future by allowing you make regular payments and/or transfers of one-off lump sums into a fund for retirement. 'Contributions' is the term used for the amounts saved into your pension.

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People take out pensions for a variety of different reasons, the most common one is because people are simply living longer than previous generations with most of us now looking forward to 20 or even 30 years of retirement. A pension can therefore help you plan for these years, whether you want to travel, spend more time with your grandchildren or retire to another part of the world.

Another key reason why people take out a pension plan is due to the important tax breaks as unlike a regular savings account, with a pension your money can grow tax free. When you retire and look to access your fund, the benefits of your pension will then be available to you in a tax efficient way.

Quoteleader provides a no fee, no obligation discussion on your pension requirements and will outline the best value pension plans including a free review of any existing plans you may have. Call us directly on 01 539 5540 or email [email protected]

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When should I start my pension?

For many people they do not consider starting a pension plan until they reach age of 40 or so however, the earlier you start a pension the more time your retirement fund will have to grow and the bigger your pension reserve will be.

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